At the One Life show, I purchased John Lees careers cards (I’d missed an event he’d hosted with LICC in Manchester, I do believe) after going to an afternoon Masterclass… 

So, there’s various stages, but at the end you come out with list of 10 top motivated skills, from which I still need to collate bullet points for my CV, but in brief they are (in no particular order):
  1. Facilitating the Learning of Others (P)
  2. Inspiring Others (P)
  3. Encouraging Others to Communicate (P)
  4. Building Community, breaking down barriers between people (P)
  5. Using humour to communicate or build relationships (P)
  6. Assessing situations or people quickly and accurately (P)
  7. Developing & building on the ideas of others (C)
  8. Making connections, seeing how things fit together (C)
  9. Generating new ideas, challening assumptions (C)
  10. Embracing a Challenge (E)
Wonder why I keep wandering back towards teaching/communications roles?! (P = people focused, C = concepts/ideas, E = entrepreneurial… no sign of T = Things or I = Knowledge).

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