Winchester Just 10 (Wed 22nd April)

J John, famous entertaining Greek, has come to Winchester! Last night was the first in a series of 10 evenings addressing the 10 Commandments from a modern and applicable perspective. Beautiful music, and regular laughter also accompanied the talks, along with a guest spot from Linvoy Primus.
Introducing the Series
The 10 Commandments are not an exam “attempt 5”, and this series is a chance to give our lives an MoT… only we can decide if we need a new spark plug or a whole new car! Re-assess the values and principles that underlie all our relationships: life, relationships, community and work.
As the list of commandments is generally framed as ‘do not’, this series reframes them in a positive way, with positive steps we can make to change our lives, so for this week “Do not Covet” becomes “Find True Contentment”.
Memorable Quotes
  • We’re never so perfect as when we’re on a CV.
  • The biggest room is the one for improvement.
  • Yearnings always exceeed the earnings
  • There are 3 classes: the haves, the have nots, and the have not paid for what they have.
  • Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!
  • We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.
  • In the rat race of life, if you win, you’re still a rat.
  • We lose our health to make money, then spend money to sort out our health.
  • If you cannot have the best of everything, make the best of what you have.
  • Money/wealth are not evil, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil.
How do you find contentment?
  1. Be grateful for what you already have, have “an attitude of gratitude”.
  2. Recognise the limitations of wealth (those who have money will never have enough)
  3. Focus on people, not possessions. “If we love people, we’ll use things, if we love things, we’ll use people”.
  4. Look beyond what is temporary (70 years is but a blip on the eternal screen)
  5. Be a giver (was often give to charity what we CAN afford, how about giving to someone who can’t give back?) “What can we do to live simply that others can simply live?”
  6. Find our security in Jesus Christ. (it doesn’t matter how creased/dirty a £20 note is, it’s still worth £20, if you’re not sure HOW to let Jesus become your life manager, ask him to break the door down).
Next Week
“Hold to the Truth” (See the Just10 Website)

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