Sir John Whitmore endorses Brian Draper’s new book “Spiritual Intelligence“, launched at P&G Wells last night. Great speeches by both, great event, well hosted, well-attended (we were spilling out onto the streets).
Back Cover Info:

According to the author, Danah Zohar, we live in a ‘spiritually dumb’ culture – alienated from each other, too busy to take time to reflect, and trying desperately to juggle the myriad pulls and pushes of life without cracking up. How can we find meaning within the madness, hope within the hopelessness, reconciliation within ourselves and with our neighbour? In this book, Brian Draper asks how ordinary people, whether religious or not, can live on a daily basis with increasing wholeness and well-being – by using their spiritual intelligence.
First, we must ‘awaken’ to new possibilies so we can ‘see the world afresh’. Next, we ‘live the change’, before we can finally ‘pass it on’. Brian Draper’s unique ‘iconic’ journey of transformation – through four stages, and four levels of depth will help you to find yourself with a whole, new way of being.

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