Arca Archaeological Consultancy (2009)

ARCA is an archeological consultancy based at the University of Winchester. ARCA’s website hadn’t been updated since 2005, when the consultancy was first formed.

The Brief

As agreed in conversation with Keith Wilkinson

  • Critique other UK archaeological consultancy websites, identifying appropriate elements.
  • Construct a clear, visually pleasing, usable site, using images/content provided by ARCA: Create a favicon for the site
  • Provide fade-in rotating images on the site.
  • Provide a useful search function.
  • Request a perma-email-address.
  • Optimise the site for search engines.
  • Create a structure to allow for reduced-versions of the site in French and Dutch.

74.5 hours were provided for the project. The site is nearly complete, in considerably under that time.


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