New York Times, 5th July 2009

Great to see recognition for my research! As it says, at the time the Keep Calm and Carry On poster was nowhere. The poster that generated “a huge fuss” was the Your Courage poster from the same series. Just to note that I did say that the poster was distributed around the UK, kept in Post Offices, Libraries, etc, but was kept in reserve in case of invasion! Quite how the message was to get through to put them up, I’m not quite sure…

Read more about posters in the New York Times (not necessarily wartime posters). <edit 7th July>Who am I? What do I look like?</edit>

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  1. When questioned by Time Magazine, was it an invasion or was it an air raid, I had to go back and look! I have written air raid in my thesis, but have said invasion to many people. It was “”Keep calm and carry on” is printed and is being held in reserve for immediate posting should the necessity arrive, e.g. immediately following a severe air-raid” – invasion is also a necessity, but my sources are only specifically mentioning an air raid!

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