The Art of War at The National Archives (2005)

Whilst The National Archives were looking for artist biography material, they came across my website, read about my PhD thesis, and decided they needed my expertise. I was contracted in as an editorial consultant.

Following any necessary extra research, I wrote the following content for the site:

  • About 95% of the captions, and the group descriptions, for the illustrations and propaganda sections
  • The information on INF 3 and the Ministry of Information
  • Much of the information on artists was taken from my website, plus I did further research, and wrote some of the entries.

The images and original records are free to view and are available on As well as downloading the artwork and the history behind it, online visitors could send selected images to their mobile phone or as e-cards. Visitors can also arrange to visit The National Archives to see the originals, others in the collection, and the finished posters.

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