IT Centre, King Alfred's College (2001-2003)

These pages were part of a much larger site for the ITCS department, designed for use by students, in order to help them make the best use of the IT facilities available within the College, focusing in on the range of services provided and software tips. Using Government training funds, I’d had 6 hours of 1-2-1 training in Dreamweaver, and this was the first site for which I’d put it into practice.

  • The website is only accessible internally, and required the use of a predefined colour scheme, using a css style sheet.
  • I selected appropriate information after discussion with other members of the IT Centre team, and further discussion with my Operations Manager and the College Web Developer, wrote page content and decided on the structure of this particular section of the site.
  • I designed on paper how the section was to be interlinked, although this was a flexible process. The site is still not particularly usable, as there is no search function, but the information contained has formed the basis of the new site.

This screendump illustrates one of the internal instructional pages which I chose to provide, and wrote the content for.

  • As simply as possible, I have provided instructions as to how print accounts work within the College.
  • Instructions are provided as to how to check the remaining print balance, with visuals used to support the written instructions, and provide clear signposts to the students that they are on the right path.

As a result of this work, I was offered further work.

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