In Summer 2003, following positive feedback for the IT Centre website work, I was asked to redesign the ITCS website in totality.

Internal pages were intended to maintain the main ‘look-and-feel’ of the front page.

The end product, as designed by one of the College web developers, is as on this screendump, with the basic structure largely remaining as planned, although some constraints were imposed for various reasons.

Due to developments within the ITCS department, a new portal design is being used, but the content and structure already provided on this site will be re-used for the ITCS section of the new portal, which encompasses the whole College.

The front page of the custom built web content management system.

An example of the internal pages for the web content management system.

I think you can still see some of that influence in the current University of Winchester site, which is currently in plans for a new site!

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