Law at the University of Winchester (2007)

Law at the University of Winchester (2007)

  • Following discussions with David Chalk, I produced an online presence for the new law degree at the University of Winchester in under 10 hours, using information prepared for print, re-purposing/structuring for the web, and uploading information using the University’s Content Management System. I suggested appropriate image types, which were then provided by the University marketing team.
  • Further time was then spent investigating other University Law websites to look for other possiblities for web content, some of which was implemented. It was noted that few sites had an interactive element, so further time was spent investigating possible blogs to use, and researching types of questions which could usefully be used upon the website to engage potential students in legal debate, thus building a relationship with the University.
  • The remaining time in the 40 hours allocated was spent providing a comprehensive document and training session for David Chalk to enable him to keep the website updated, and particularly advice on what would usefully work for ‘Blawg’, and the extensive amount of offline work which would need to be done to encourage participation. It was noted that it would be best that blog content was best provided by David, as Head of Law.

Client Feedback:
What impressed me most about Bex’s work was her ability to take a brief from a total web site novice and make sense of it and produce in a rapid time a site that more than met my expectations. Very well laid out with imiginative links from what have been an unpromising brief!”
David Chalk, 2009
Head of Law, University of Winchester


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