A site produced as a team effort at the Churches Media Council Conference ‘MediaNet Academy’, to which I’d won a free place. The site was hosted by wetpaint, a free CMS.

The starter question we were provided with was “If Dr Who travelled through time to the media world of 2027, what would he find? How would God be working in and through the media?”. The web stream’s specific brief was to design a simple site, to include articles, host the audio and video stream output, and provide some interactivity.

As the most ‘web-experienced’ member of the group, I took editorial responsibility for the site. We worked on many areas of the site together. Specific areas of the site that I wrote include:

With Frances Murphy I presented an overview of the site to conference delegates, to encouraging feedback.

We were trained by Rachel Collinson of Rechord.

Visit Site: http://medianetacademy.wetpaint.com

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