Google Wave Launches

Above is the current view of the Google Wave site, which is allowing 100,000 developers, corporates and interested individuals to request an invitation to test-drive the software on a large scale (it’s been in development for months!). I haven’t requested one, as I know I don’t have time to play with it at this stage, […]

Does God Exist?

Interesting video, purporting to be the story of Albert Einstein (say some), asking “Does God Exist?” Hosted on Facebook. P.S. If you’re wondering what’s happening on the specs, I can’t find my new prescription right now, and haven’t had time to take it further. I will!

Twitter Digest 2009-09-29

RT @Flipbooks: Here is a useful Twitter Video called the X-Factor by #twitter #tips 05:15:14 RT @simfin: 100 Best iPhone Apps for Serious Self-Learners: (via @russeltarr) 07:15:10 RT @SocialNetDaily: Content ‘Websites’ Still Outdraw Social Networking Sites! 07:27:35 RT @Jason_Pollock: How would Einstein use e-mail? | RT @iamkhayyam @alyssa_milano 07:30:54 RT […]

Twitter Digest 2009-09-28

RT @Edubeat: RT @delicious50 The 32 Most Commonly Misused Words and Phrases | HELP! Educational Blog #education 23:45:49 Looking at @digitalfprint's Twitter status in photos on @portwiture: 07:50:06 RT @Twitter_Tips: Twitter Etiquette for Beginners: 12 Essential Do’s & Dont’s: –Share: 10:20:05 New Blog Entry: Portwiture – In reading others Twitter updates, […]


In reading other’s Twitter updates, I came across an interesting tool: “Portwiture“, which reads your recent tweets (I’m not sure how recent, but I tried this out yesterday and today, and the images had changed significantly, so I’m assuming it works on the most recent tweets only) and turns them into a pictorial montage. At […]