Mystic Mackerel CreationsI am still recovering from Greenbelt last weekend (and a conference this weekend, currently writing my paper on Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases, more information to come on that I suspect!), at which I saw this great stall full of subverted advertising. The guy said he designed them himself – some are originals, some are subverted. I’ve definitely seen the Oinksip Max one online, so who knows who came up with that in the first place. I find reuse of any advertising fascinating – the idea that maybe by going back to earliest advertising, we will recapture a sense of that ‘lost age’… One of  my FYP students has been encouraged to write about the way in which a lot of advertisers are currently advertising the longevity of their brands through, e.g. “125 years of M&S”, etc. Fascinating stuff.

If you’d like to contact the guy about these t-shirts, he doesn’t have a webpage yet (although I did mention WordPress to him), but can be emailed on, or 01278 426389. Based in Bridgwater, Somerset.

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