I signed up with Freenetname back in the mists of time, and have stuck with it since that time. I am having a few problems, and am looking for recommendations to change:

  • It provided a free domain name (http://www.bex-lewis.co.uk), 100MB of storage space, and an associated POP3 email account for £20 per year, which I still think is a good deal.
  • The account was originally on dial-up, but I’ve not had to use that for a long-time, using wi-fi anywhere I can access it (or 3G on my phone if not!)
  • I want to retain my domain name and email address (downloadable into Outlook), but will be transferring my website onto WordPress.org, so will be looking for an easy to use host which allows that (and then I will integrate this blog into it).
  • I have never been able to send emails using the POP3 account on my iPhone (or through my workplace wi-fi, but that is never going to happen), although I can receive in both places, and this is becoming a problem.
I already have a g-mail account, but I like having the email under my domain name. I play with social media more than I know about lots of technical stuff, although I have a reputation as a bit of a geek girl! Let me know: bex at bex-lewis.co.uk

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  1. well you can send emails as that domain name from within gmail… of that's what you need to do. Just choose which account to send from in the drop down

  2. I was also going to suggest using Google Apps to send your email and purchasing/transferring your domain name using eg 123-reg (http://www.123-reg.co.uk/order?domain=www.bex-lewis.co.uk&search=search&transfer=transfer&ajax_enabled=true). If you can get hold of your domain name, Google Apps is a great way to send emails from this domain and it integrates really well into all the usual mail applications through IMAP. Google Apps would also enable you to send emails using your iPhone. In terms of hosting, I'm afraid I don't have much experience in that area.

  3. Generally, you can COLLECT your POP3 email using any access you like, BUT you can usually only SEND (using SMTP) email via the ISP currently being used (spam prevention). (actually, "send" is not the correct word… "relay" is… as you send the email to the ISP who relays it on)

    You can get around this problem using something like "Mail Direct" that allows you to send mail directly, but THAT doesn't always work either, as many receiving ISP's will not accept email directly from broadband accounts! (another anti-spam measure).

    The same problems exist trying to send emails from your iPhone.

    Generally, the only guaranteed place you can send SMTP email is from home, using your own ISP.

    Now you can see why so many people use webmail!

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