On Tuesday evening I finally watched the whole of the Google Wave developer forum, explaining the concept that brothers Lars & Jens came up with, challenging the idea that most software and online tools are built to emulate tools of the 1960s, and don’t make full use of what is now possible:

On September 1st, Google Apps announced that Wave was nearly ready… but only to be rolled out to selected schools/businesses, with full rollout at some point in 2010. There’s a lot of excitement generated about the concept, so I though I ought to watch the video properly, and was interested to see what some of the new features were (some appeared straightforward and I’m sure I just don’t have a full appreciation of the technology underlying them – I’m more interested in the possible uses and applications!
Google Wave Image

Discuss and Edit in the same document, no need to send backwards and forwards. Changes are highlighted, and the entire history of the document will be available. You can add “bloggy” as a Wave user, and the wave will be automatically published to your blog. If you makes changes in either the blog or the wave, the changes are reflected in the other source in real time (the demonstration shows an image gallery).

Google Wave Presentation 1

Multiple users can edit a document at the same time, and in multiple langugages (it can cope with right-to-left and left-to-right)

Google Wave Image 2

The document uses contextual spelling, and if it’s not sure, uses the traditional red underlining

Google Wave Image 3

The wave can translate around 40 languages, as the document is being typed (word by word). Here’s an example in French.

Other features that caught my attention

There was a lot of information in the presentation, and the product was still very much at a beta stage, but as it greets its first “live” users, expect to see more feedback generated.

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