OK, I’ve had my sight test, and yes, my prescription is worse… -1.50 in each eye, so still not too strong! I stuck with my plan to allow myself a limited amount of time to think about it (so preferably this week), rather than exploring EVERY option, and there’s a couple in here that both the lady in the shop (and yes, she laughed at me in quite a few others) loved, and then a friend who was in Tesco, had a look, and thought they were good choices… so, further thoughts?!



These specs are on 2 for 1, so could have 2 Tesco pairs… or find 2 Specsavers. I tried Vision Express the other day, and whoever the optical assistant was, just slouched against the counter wondering aloud if he could go home, and even though I was trying them on for about 10 minutes, no one came up to ask if I wanted any help!!
And he, he, found online ordering – was thinking I didn’t have any pics of me without glasses…
The online world, you have to love it…

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  1. I still liked No 12 on the previous pics the best. They really suited you and made your eyes look good. I have worn glasses for years and years and years, a good pair that suit you properly will last longer.

  2. I've just looked at No. 12 again and now think I may own them…. Maybe that's why I like them so much! Still, they really suit you.

  3. My landlady liked 8 and 3! I want to have some fun/make a statement, and all those half-rimless just seemed to disappear into my face!!

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