In reading other’s Twitter updates, I came across an interesting tool: “Portwiture“, which reads your recent tweets (I’m not sure how recent, but I tried this out yesterday and today, and the images had changed significantly, so I’m assuming it works on the most recent tweets only) and turns them into a pictorial montage. At first, appearing like a bit of fun, I was extremely pleased to see that sfdo‘s tweet stream very much reflects the core message of the company – adrenalin sports!


I then took a montage at around 10.15am today of each of the tweet streams that I manage to see how far they reflected each of those messages:

drbexl-smalland I’m thinking that’s quite a good reflection of @drbexl also!

digitalfprint-smallWell, @digitalfprint‘s stream is definitely reflecting my interests in Twitter and social media in general!

ww2poster-smallI’m not entirely sure what that reflects, but there’s definitely some history in @ww2poster‘s tweetstream!


Well, @skillsnetwinch hasn’t really been fully developed yet, so that’s a bit vague!


Again, @nwccgathering is still very new!

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