Leslie Gilber Illingsworth

Illingworth, a ‘well-known cartoonist’ who worked for the Daily Mail and Punch in the 1930s and early 1940s. He drew political cartoons for Punch featuring the likes of Winston Churchill, Adolph Hitler, Anthony Eden, and Neville Chamberlain. He was personally commissioned to do work for the MOI by Edwin Embleton, and designed a series of humorous posters for the Ministry of War Transport, in the ‘Quicker Turnaround’ series.

Information collated from: Anonymous, ‘Illingworth Sketches for M.O.W.T. Posters’, Advertiser’s Weekly, Vol. 115, No. 1,494, January 8 1942, p.36; The Political Cartoon Society, ‘Exhibitions and Events’,http://www.politicalcartoon.co.uk/html/exhibition.html, accessed August 16 2002; Questionnaire submitted by Royall, K. to Embleton, E., Royall, K., ‘Posters of the Second World War: The Fourth Arm of British Defence’, Unpublished M.A., University of Westminster, 1991, p.123


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