I’ve visited Rio de Janeiro a couple of times, first in 1994, and again in 2008 (I have family there – and thanks to Facebook and other social media, we’re now able to keep in touch!). As I was aiming to visit again in less time than 14 years, what about 7 years… just in time for the Olympics (always wanted to see the Olympics – maybe I’ll have enough money to pay for a ticket by then!).

I only hope that Brazil can truly afford to host the Olympics – it appears to have been problematic (financially) for recent countries hosting it (including London) … and in Brazil it’s a well-quoted “fact” that 95% of the wealth is owned by 5% of the people… and of course vice versa. Brazil has enough poverty problems without this adding another layer, so I really hope that this boosts Brazil’s economy (and it is encouraging that the Real introduced as currency in 1994, was still going in 2008, and not looking close to collapse!)

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  1. Woohoo!! We're in!you could also mention that Brazil is also officially out of recession according to many economists! Brazil is going to host the World Cup games in 2014, which will be a great rehearsal for the Olympic Games…

  2. Brilliant, lots of work in Brazil then?! I need to become that digital media diva, and then be called upon as an international speaker 🙂

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