Camilla Kerslake: Social Media Savvy!

Earlier this year I trained a life coach with Serenergise, run by Deborah Kerslake and her team (I’ve seriously been encouraging Debs on Twitter!), so I have had the privilege of meeting Camilla (one of the nicest people ever), and have watched with baited breath as this all came together, and am now fascinated to see how Camilla is using social media to build her brand/profile before her album launch: she seems to have had some good advice. The following video for ‘Rule the World’ (originally by Take That, and Camilla has been taken on by Gary Barlow’s record label) was posted onto YouTube on 24th September, and on 30th September was the most watched music video on YouTube (not surprising, I’ve listened to it multiple times, and today it has had nearly 57,000 views!)

  • Camilla Kerslake: Website (beautifully fresh and simple, looking forward to the rest of the content appearing)
  • Camilla Kerslake: Facebook (great use of the fan site, and simple leads into other areas of social media)
  • Camilla Kerslake on Twitter (if you retweet “@camillakerslake I WANT to meet Camilla & Gary Barlow on Monday! Please RT x“, you may get to meet both on Monday evening – just got to get yourself to London. I love the fact that it is clearly Camilla sending the tweets – her personality is shining through)
  • Camilla Kerslake on YouTube (SUCH a beautiful taste of what she’s singing, and a beautifully personally channel!)

I watched carefully to spot Debs at 3.37

Camilla & Debs Kerslake

The video below is taken from Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 show: this I think is from the 19th September, although he’d already played the song once, and had so many requests for it, it was added to the playlist again.

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