Brizzly appears to be a new toy on the market, as recommended by @StephenFry (still the UK’s top Twitter advocate?). I still haven’t done a great deal with it, but with the rise of spammers, it looks to be a useful/interesting tool, and again, is capable of managing multiple accounts. I wondered what was different, but it opens up all short-links (which you’ll still need to use to post to keep them short and maximise the use of your 140 characters), images and videos (which can be watched in the software). The intro video is a helpful start off, and you can group people by self-defined groups, and mute people for short periods of time (rather than de-following) if, for instance, they are at a conference that you’re not interested in. You need an invite code to get in – I got mine via @WriterCharly, who got hers from @StephenFry.

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