A basic introduction to creating a Second Life account, which I had abandoned. I downloaded (yes, it requires client software) and tried out Second Life a couple of years ago, but, never having been a huge fan of computer games, and thinking that the learning curve to participate was just too big (and I seemed to be flying around Orientation Island naked), I abandoned it! However, taking up the post of Blended Learning Fellow, I’ve been invited to go to a view of one of the islands this morning, so last weekend, I rebooted my account! I’m not really a fan of places which simply recreate the offline environment online (thinking online has enough to offer on its own terms, and I certainly have no intention of spending real money on a ‘virtual’ world), but I’m interested to see what it does these days!

I managed to:

What about their video explaining educational possibilities!

I managed to take a screenshot (that’s me sat in the chair)!

Bex in Second Life

Then met up with some other friends, and went off and tried a few new things – not everything was working properly – go back and try more later!

Bex SurfingHere’s me trying out a surfboard – and keep wiping out!

Bex finding new hair, outfits, etc...Off to try and find new clothes, hair, etc… There’s my friend Sufia behind me, and new friend Vidz behind, with well known RL friend DDucks off to the side!

Scripted Scriptures

And here’s how I left myself to sleep overnight, on Scripted Scriptures (Sufia’s) island!

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