iPhone 3G AppsI have noticed with my students that they rarely seem to read their emails, or their university emails, at least, even though this is our main method of communication with them.

Mobiles, however, they can’t get enough of, and it’s growing. With modern mobiles (and yes, I gave into the iPhone), there’s the option of a number of “Apps” which make phones SO much more powerful than we ever imagined when they came as ‘bricks’, or even than the first computer I got back in the 1990s!

We can live most of our lives on our phones, if we want… great for multi-tasking, and lots of options for reaching people by the one tool they have all the time.

The Apps I had only 2 months into owning the iPhone were:

Once I get my iPhone back, I intend to look at all the apps I have, and give a quick review of each. I have already downloaded a number of apps and then deleted them shortly afterwards, finding they didn’t add anything to what I was doing online.

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