rsc-logoToday, I will be attending the JISC RSC South East e-Learning Fair 2009. My role as Blended Learning Fellow at the University of Winchester is of course of recent date, in which time I have learnt a lot about the Learning Network (Moodle based), started dipping my toes into WIMBA, arrange a number of people to meet, and pulled together a number of resources I’d been collating for my own interest. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a Twitter hashtag for this event, and as Wireless is an extra £15 for the day, and my iPhone still won’t be back, so that doesn’t affect me too much, although it would be interesting to see notes afterwards.

I was checking out the RSC SE site to check out some of the information from Second Life, at which I’d attended an event recently, and noted : “For those that have not attended the RSC SE’s e-Learning Fair before, this annual event has become the premier gathering for all ILT professionals involved in post-16 education in the South East region. With its combination of 12 seminars and a highly focused exhibition, the e-Learning Fair provides the ideal opportunity to learn about the latest issues and technologies as well as to network with colleagues.” I’m expecting to pick up lots of useful information, although my No. 1 panel “Making the most of Moodle” is already full!

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