Many of those at the JISC E-Learning Fair were from FE, but there was also a lean towards HE, and I (in my role as Blended Learning Fellow at the University of Winchester) picked up a lot of useful information, and got to meet others working in the local(ish) area who will be useful contacts.

Please note that I am in process of deciding best forum for such information within the University: Moodle, a Blog, but for now, here we are. (Reflecting upon blogging, etc. at events)

Stephen Sheedy, Queen Mary College, Basingstoke
Stephen set the tone for the day with an amusing but thought-provoking mix of material. He indicated that we shouldn’t be talking about major changes which are likely to affect learning and skills – as they are already happening.

Discussing the history of communication, it was demonstrated that we used to have a small circle of friends/family, and were introduced into a broader world by adults (particularly parents/teachers), but that now ‘younger people’ are entering the global world without adult guidance.

Student Expectations?

Students need a guide to the terrain. Our job is to let them know where the paths are. We need to know what is known and the options for exploration..

What do Teachers/Lecturers need to know with Web 2.0?

What’s important for institutions to know?

The Committee of Enquiry into the Changing Learner Experience Sir David Melville, Chair of Lifelong Learning UK, spoke before lunch about the report launched in March 2009 (which he indicated was probably already out of date, because of the speed of change within digital learning).

The study was investigating the influence of Higher Education on the “Google Generation”:

The most recent study started in March 2008, dealing with 15/16 year olds, we’d now find the same proportions outlined in the study applying to 12/13 year olds.

Some Findings:

The full report can be found here.

JISC: Joint Information Systems Committee
JISC were of course much in evidence at the event, offering a number of resources under their newly formed “shop window” of JISC Advance (as they look to combine best practice across the varied services):

Sessions Attended:

BBC Motion Gallery
Licensed subscription service to BBC/other broadcaster moving imagery on topics such as Current Affairs, Sport, Natural History, Medicine, Geography, The Arts.

British Universities Film & Video Council
Presenting “BoB“, a shared off-air recording and media archive (under the ERA licence).

Sally Betts, NIACE “Making the Most of Moodle”
Sally introduced us to a number of tools which can be integrated with Moodle, and which she has used, including:

CityBit: Southampton City College Benchmarking System
In a bid to move towards e-maturity with their Moodle based VLE, Southampton City College have developed a benchmarking system, with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, which they will shortly be making available to the Moodle community at the end of November. The badge appears on every course, but is only seen by staff, who use it as a development tool.

Badging can be automatically applied monthly, but manual moderation of the process is also possible.

A number of other stands were also at the Fair:

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