“A pioneering school is staking a claim to make its pupils among the most technologically advanced in Britain.

The Times imageThe oldest students at the Essa Academy in Bolton have each been issued with an iPod Touch. Next month all 900 children and their teachers will have one of the handheld computers, worth £149 each.

A bespoke wi-fi system, with 130 access points around the school, means that children never lose connectivity. If teachers are pleased with a piece of work, they can ask a child to e-mail it to them and, using laptops and a projector, display it on a wall or screen to show the class. They can also annotate it with a handwriting function.

But more is to come. Next spring work will begin to upgrade the school. It will have a 3-D audio visual theatre, writeable glass walls instead of whiteboards and Britain’s first zero-carbon classroom, made from reclaimed materials and generating its own heat and power.”

Read full story in The Times.

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