On SwitchA three-year study by the British Library, Researchers of Tomorrow, is tracking the research behaviour of doctoral students born between 1982 and 1994 – dubbed “Generation Y”. …

Interim results, released to Times Higher Education, show that only a small proportion of those surveyed are using technology such as virtual-research environments, social bookmarking, data and text mining, wikis, blogs and RSS-feed alerts in their work. This contrasts with the fact that many respondents professed to finding technological tools valuable.”

Read full story in the Times Higher Education.

This is something I’d love to see changed. Although there is a lot of protest against the demonstrable “impact” of research, I personally feel that research so far as possible should look to be a collaborative effort, building upon the work of others (rather than re-inventing the wheel), and disseminating that work as far as possible. Web 2.0 offers great possibilities, and I look forward to implementing a number of them at the University of Winchester.

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