A really interesting short video indicating how truly useful a modern day student has found using technology (particularly the web) within her educational life, and how it makes a difference to her learning experience. If this is the same for every 21st Century Learner, then how far do we need to adapt our teaching and learning methods to ensure we offer a truly student-centred experiences. Phrases I have been hearing a lot this week include the change from the “Sage on the Stage” to the “Guide on the Side”, and when I can find where I saved it, there was also a paper on the “Meddler in the Middle”!

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  1. I’ve used Paloff & Pratts “Sage on the stage to Guide on the side” quote many times, and I think the “Meddler in the Middle” quote came from a talk at Canberra University by Erica McWilliam which I thinks from memory was called The 21st Century Teacher: From Sage to Guide to Meddler.

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