“But how much laughter would there have been if Powershop had dressed them up as Brownshirts or SS Guards? The free pass given to one particular breed of homicidal totalitarians continues.

And it continues today on Air New Zealand’s Grab-A-Seat website. I’m sure Air New Zealand wouldn’t countenance displaying a Nazi propaganda poster extolling “Blood, Soil and Sacrifice” and copies of Mein Kampf as an inducement to buy seats on their flights, but right there on their website exhorting you to fly the friendly skies to Hong Kong is this image ripped directly from a Maoist propaganda poster from the Cultural Revolution – you know, that fun time in China when thought police ruled and around 7,731,000 people were brutally murdered by for not following the diktats of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, which our peasant friend clutches to his breast:”

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