I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to replace to Twitter daily digests on this site (the other option would have been to ensure that they went into a different stream), as they appear to interrupt the smooth flow, and make it harder to find anything I want via search. So, what should come along but ‘Tweetbook‘, which should capture the last 3200 Tweets that an account sends. This account @digitalfprint, however, has only sent 1700, but the Tweetbook only goes back to October. Judging by what others are doing with Tweetbook (which allows you to download all your tweets into a clickable PDF file), it would seem a good plan to download a Tweetbook once a month, rather than the daily digests (although this may seem like a delay, there is still access via Twitter itself to recent tweets). I have also seen some interesting use in capturing Twitter via conference hashtags (e.g. DevLearn09 (PDF download)), although I’m not (yet) sure that that was done with this software!

See @digitalfprint’s Tweetbook October – Dec 8 2009 (PDF)

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  1. Wow, going back through and deleting the Twitter digests that are now covered in here, I realise that I had constructed a draft entry on… Tweetbook on 1st October! Obviously completely forgot about that, but it’s making a lot of noise on Twitter at the moment!

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