c-w-austin-air-raid-wardensLondon Transport Museum (LTM) held an exhibition in 1997 focusing on decorative maps (some used in posters) commissioned by London Transport (LT). Work by C.W. Bacon was to be included. Bacon also designed book covers, certainly in the 1950s. Bacon was called up to the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1942, and released to the Ministry of Information (MOI) the same year, after about 6 months spent painting bicycles in RAF. He remained working for the MOI until 1944, although probably on a freelance basis. Notes from Bacon’s ‘day book’ note that he did the following work for the MOI:

Information collated from: Berro, M., ‘C.W. Bacon‘, accessed 28 August 2003; Notes from C.W. Bacon’s day book, contained within an e-mail from Jeremy Bacon, the son of C.W.Bacon, October 23 2003.

Featured Image Source (2015): Telegraph

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