8 Colour Tips for Your Brand

colourtipsBrand color? The colors that represent your company reflect upon your brand. Consumers subconsciously react to certain colors in many different ways. Your brand is your promise/message and until they have reason not to, consumers should trust that message. Right? There sometimes are a myriad of factors that affect why or why not a consumer trusts a company but one that goes overlooked is the colors chosen to support the branding.  We know that a name has a LOT to do with how consumers perceive a company. If they can pronounce it, remember it by relating to it then they repeat it (whether this be positive or negative). In small business branding or or even with a big company unveiling a new product, many times the best or worst name represented in the appealing colors and the name takes on new meaning.

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I have always found the psychology of colour a fascinating study, and in the 2001-2002 Web Design/Usability project produced the following information:

Colour has certain cultural associations, and it is worth bearing these in mind whilst designing a site, as the use of appropriate colours will affect the way that the site is perceived. Cultural associations of colour are particularly important to remember if aiming at an international audience. For instance the Chinese use white instead of black during funerals because they associate white with the winter time in which nature is dead as well.

In the western world these colour associations are largely perceived as:

Colour Associations

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