cosmo-clark‘The distinguished British artist’ John Cosmo Clark published his war correspondence from the First World War, when he was involved in the trial of a British soldier which ended with the latter’s execution. Captain Clark was the ‘prisoner’s friend’ who represented Stevenson who faced court martial. ‘Clark later became a distinguished artist but he was wholly unqualified’. His sketches ‘remind us of war’s humanity: shell-shocked faces, the wounded on stretchers, the boredom of waiting, the joys of a cigarette, the generosity of townspeople’. Cosmo Clark was a Royal Academician, married to Jean Clark. Both were members of the New English Art Club Watercolour Society. Both were prolific artists, with Cosmo finding time to make sketches whilst soldiering in France in the First World War. Several paintings of both of them were to be sold in aid of The Bishop’s Lent Call in 2003. ‘Cosmo Clark painted a portrait of T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) and achieved his greatest success with a series of London pub paintings, during’ the Second World War.


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