Watching the havoc that has been wrought in the UK over a few inches of snow (although I’m not necessarily advocating spending huge amounts for the infrequent amount of time these things happen), I wondered if anyone had picked up “Keep Calm and Carry On” as a slogan, and the Mirror has:

“Keep Calm And Carry On” has been the slogan of the year for 2009. The old wartime slogan has been festooned on posters, mugs and greeting cards.

The Stereophonics even pinched it for an album title.

Pity that the nation’s news broadcasters seem to have lost that wartime nonchalance. “Panic!” they scream. “Panic on the icy streets of Basingstoke!” A sort of cross between Morrissey and Dad’s Army’s Corporal Jones.”

Read the full story, and see how I enjoyed taking 15 hours to get 4 miles in Dover before Christmas – we certainly Kept Calm and Carried On – and the local Policemen appreciated our calmness – and our chocolate biscuits and hot coffee even more! I believe Operation Stack is back in action today again around Ipswich!

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