I followed this on Twitter at the time – I wasn’t able to go unfortunatlely, but a friend has just drawn the video to my intention, so no need to entirely to miss out. Really interesting debate with: “Stephen Fry, actor, journalist and celebrity ‘Tweeter’ and self-confessed technophile; Biz Stone, Founder and Chief Executive of Twitter; and Reid Hoffman, Founder and Chief Executive of LinkedIn discussed the future impact of social media.”

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  1. What’s with the video format they’ve chosen to use? If you expand to ‘full screen’, it’s the same size, but in the left-hand corner. And.. I left the room for 5 minutes, leaving it on, then tried to rewind, and it won’t work, so having gone back to the beginning I can’t fast-forward either! Looks like it’s about an hour long (and very interesting so far!), but seems strange that that functionality is not there!

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