Hicks was a specialist in industrial propaganda, and a partner in The Pendock Hicks Co, Ltd in London. He produced many silk-screen designs.

Information collated from: Anonymous, ‘Advert: Silk Screen Colour Printing’, Advertiser’s Weekly, Vol. 122, No. 1,592, November 25 1943, p.185.

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  1. I have 24 original posters by Victor Hicks, which I bought from a work colleague’s husband 20 years ago. He had researched the posters as being printed for display at a local ‘wartime bomber’ assembly factory (somewhere in London). They are all in mint condition, and I want to know what they would be worth and whether there is any interest in them, particularly following the ‘keep calm’ phenomena.

    1. I would love to see some pics of those. Re: pricing, try out http://www.onslows.co.uk/, as they sell lots of vintage posters and should be able to give you an idea. Put it this way, I’ve never bought any as nothing seems to be less than about £100 a poster…

  2. Have just seen your post having only just got computer working again after moving. Please contact me as Victor Hicks was my husband’s grandfather. It’s my husband’s father’s (Victor’s son) 90th birthday very soon and so it would be really good if you have something we could use….

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