George Him (b.1900)

Him was born in Lódz, Poland, of Russian-Jewish parents. After completing his university studies at the comparative history of religions in Moscow, Berlin and Bonn, he studied graphic art for four years at the Staatliche Akademie für Graphische Künste und Buchwerbe in Leipzig. He worked freelance in Germany until 1933, when he met and started working in partnership with Jan Le Witt, under the name of Lewitt-Him. The partnership was dissolved in 1954, after which Him worked as a freelance, mainly in book illustration, advertising and exhibition design, ‘best known through his newspaper advertisements for Schweppes and Haus Neuerberg’. In the 1950s, George Him was represented by Artist Partners, Ltd. In May 1957 Art and Industry discussed Him’s work, his contribution to modern advertising, particularly in the development of brand products where the ‘uniqueness of the product’ is sold. During the 1950s and 60s Him collaborated with Stephen Potter on a famous series of advertisements for Schweppes drinks featuring the imaginary English county of ‘Schweppshire’. Him was responsible for the window display at the department store De Bijenkorf in Rotterdam on the occasion of its re-opening in 1958. By 1962 latest, Him was a British subject, and was elected RDI in 1977. Papers covering the work of George Him in the period 1919 to 1986 are held at NAL.

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By Second World War Posters

Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. British Home Front Propaganda posters as researched for a PhD completed 2004. In 1997, unwittingly wrote the first history of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which she now follows with interest.

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George’s parents were Polish. They were not Russian. When George was born in 1900 both Lodz (where his mother’s family came from) and Warsaw (where his father worked and where George was educated) were in Russian occupied Poland. They were Jewish.

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