I’m currently looking for a more “Web 2.0” WordPress theme, and experimenting with a few different ones, so apologies if the design keeps changing! I also want to get my logo professionally done, with the fingerprint formed of various social media logos – any offers?! I paid $25 for the current theme I have, and am not averse to that idea, once I find the design that smacks me in the face!

I liked this design as it seems clean and fresh, but now Vigilance looks a little 1990s, and I want something a bit smoother, a bit more Web 2.0, smoother edges. The general turn seems to be towards grey/black designs, and that may happen, but I like having some colour, preferably more than just colour, so I’m also on the lookout for a new design for my logo – I have a pretty strong idea what I want, but can’t execute it!

I quite like this Black Power 1.6 theme, especially as Twitter is the tool I use the most. It looks clean, fairly Web 2.0, the colour strip across the top takes away from the grey, and the Twitter-bird adds a fun touch, whilst also showing my latest tweet (lots of others complained it didn’t work for them, but this went straight in), and there are options to add space for advertising (not that I want to entirely go down that route, but hey, we all have to make a living!).

Anista was the first theme that caught my eye, especially with the option to have a scrollbar with lots of portfolio items on it, but that doesn’t appear to be fully working… the red is definitely me though!

Magazeen is offered by Smashing Magazine, and seems nice and fresh… not entirely sure about the way the material bounces across the middle, and the columns don’t seem to fit right…

Expect this debate to go on for a wee while. I am also debating the Studio Press themes, as recommended by @documentally, who uses Revolution Pro for his Our Man Inside.

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  1. Hi Bex

    Saw your post about a new WordPress theme.

    The only point I would make is that inverse colours (white on black) are more difficult to read, especially for people with visual impairments. I know they are very fashionable with design people, but designers seem to be more concerned with the immediate impact of a design, rather than its usability for reading.

    Perhaps it’s an age thing, but I doubt it. Google didn’t get where it is by having inverse colours.

    Just a thought


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