I am slowly working my way through the categorisation list (a hangover from when the blog was imported from blogger.com), removing individual ones. Tags are essentially where you can start to build a ‘cloud’ of information, which I use to see the patterns of where my interests are lying. When I first started the blog on blogger, it was just going to be one blog for everything, then it became clear that I wanted to write more about WW2posters, so that became http://ww2poster.co.uk, and that I wanted to write more about Social Media, so that became http://digital-fingerprint.co.uk, so this site is for the other interests going on in my life (which are many, and sometimes fleeting).

What I THINK I will have in the end is:

This list may change… but this will keep me focused for a wee-while, and we’ll see what is left afterwards!

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