Harold A. Pym was born in England where he studied fine art in London under members of the RA. During the 1930s Pym’s design covered everything from portraits to illustrations for London weekly and daily newspapers, and commissions from major companies, such as the Ford Motor Company, to portray their products. During the Second World War Pym produced ‘now famous morale-boosting posters’ for the MOI, and emigrated shortly afterwards to Vancouver, Canada.

In 1970, Harold was commissioned by the British Columbia Government to go to Osake, Japan and create art for their Pavilion at the World’s Fair. Whilst living in Vancouver, Harold’s work included murals and guest room pictures for major hotel chains such as Hyatt Regency, Four Seasons and Canadian Pacific. Throughout his life, Harold studied the major religions, ‘New Thought’ movements and mystery school teachings, looking for the major inter-connectedness between art, science and religion.

Information collated from: Rockies.net, ‘Harold Pym’, http://www.rockies.net/~julian/pymb.htm, accessed October 4 2003.

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  1. Do you know how original Pym artwork is worth? Have an original Pym sketch in ink. Just wondering if it’d be worth anything and if anyone might be interested.

  2. “My boyfriend has the gold panner – large and beautiful although the framing is bad – think he picked it up at the free store as well…am going to keep it and get it reframed I think…would like some info as well.” t.m.preete@hotmail.com 27/08/11

  3. “I came across two pictures which appear to be sketches, done for the Douglas fir chalet one is titled Rocky Mountain Family, and shows 3 Mountain Goats on a hillside….the other shows a Douglas fir,tree,with two grizzley bears underneath it..i would be interested in any information, anyone can supply.” 2wastyntyme@primus.ca 03/07/11

  4. “You probably have the same print as I do of the Klondike unless yours is’t a paddlewheeler. The date of 1967 sounds right. I will look for a print of the train as my boyfriend is a train buff. I haven’t seen any more Pym prints in my travels but have added him to my look for list. If I’m not being too nosey how did you get your 4 prints?” claim33@northwestel.net 20/03/11

  5. “We have four pictures by Harold A. Pym. One is the stagecoach sketch, one gold panning, a third is a steamship and the fourth a train on a tressle. It appears they’re dated from November 1967. Anyone have any info on these?” deannarainey@hotmail.com 20/12/10

  6. “I haven’t found any more either but I would assume since he worked for railroads and hotels that perhaps he did something for White Pass or tourism when they first starting marketing to visitors which is quit a while, I will keep looking for more on him and hopefully someone will come up with some info too.” Sylvia Burkhard
    claim33@northwestel.net 20/08/10

  7. “I haven’t yet tracked down any more information on Harold Pym… maybe I should set up a crowdsourcing site with more info!! Always interested to hear stories of what people have found and the stories behind them….” Bex Lewis 02/08/10

  8. “I just purchased a print by Harold A. Pym (had never heard of him). It’s 15 by 22? showing from the matt, it looks like an original to me. The picture is the paddlewheeler “Klondike” steaming up the Yukon river with two people, a man and woman in period (1898) costume waving from the river bank. It’s done in ink and has a lot of detail, looks best viewed from about 15ft (I think). I don’t know if this is the place to ask about this picture but I’m new at the computer game and was excited to see this site. I already love the pic, I’m a history buff and 4th generation Dawsonite, and bought the pic yesterday at a garage sale in Dawson. The person who had it was 1st nation, how did they come by? so many questions. was Pym in the Yukon? when? or was this done from a postcard? any help would be so much appreciated.thank you Sylvia ps I don’t have a digital camera or any of those fancy tools yet to send anyone a pic” claim33@northwestel.net 28/03/10

  9. I have found a drawing from Harold a Pym. The inscription on it say
    A Grizzly Guardian
    Drawing by Harold A. Pym for the Douglas Fir Chalet.
    Pretty drawing with mother and 3 Cubs grizzly bear and faint mountain scene behind.
    Curious if anyone know about value as this is the only info I found on the net about him.

  10. I have just become the owner of some Harold Pym artwork that was done for the Banff Park Lodge, no idea if they are originals or not. Would they be worth anything?

    1. Possibly, but you would need to contact a dealer, as I am focused on content, rather than material object. Hope you find they are!

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