Selected elements from this report, taken in 2007 (checkout Care for the Family):

Areas of Interest: Percentages indicate a broad level of interest

Social Science
Organised assistance and services to support and advance social conditions of the individual and community through social programmes, agencies and organised religious involvement.
Creative interest in writing and in sophisticated language skills. Indicates appreciation for abstract ideas conveyed in various mediums and materials.
Creating imaginative works of aesthetic value, expressing ideas artistically. Working or performing in the visual arts.
Persuasive interaction with others. Motivating others to accept ideas, actions or opinions through means of persuasion, reasoning or argument.
Being involved in administrative positions, including recording, data processing, numeric detail and personnel functions that provide predictable results and specific controls.
Hands-on work in an outdoor or natural environment. These activities can include physical or mental exertion outside of office confines. Some individuals score high because of environmental concerns.
Involvement with music in its many forms. Interests may include melodies, compositions, attending concerts, supporting the musical arts, or simply appreciating music. Professional musicians would be expected to have a high degree of this interest.
Combining number analytically and factually to arrive at practical, quantitative conclusions. Utilising numbers in business bookkeeping, accounting and tax procedures.
Involvement in professions or avocations that assist others through research. Occupations in health services, technology and medical paraprofessionals, nutritional and pharmaceutical services involving scientific interests.
Hands-on work with a broad range of technical responsibilities from power-driven machine operations to high-tech electronics. Interests may include design, maintenance, operation or repair of motors and machinery, power-driven or automated.

Summary of the Lifestyle Grid
This grid also demonstrates how others would react in a similar situation, so that teams can understand each other better.

Organisational Focus Overview

  1. Blue: Design/Strategy (strongest influence)
    1. Focuses on strategy and innovation
    2. Generates ideas and concepts
    3. Values the welfare of people
    4. Operates with idealistic outlook
    5. Engages in research and development
    6. Provides vision
    7. Sensitive and creative
  2. Green: Sales/Marketing
    1. Focuses on sales and marketing efforts
    2. Influences and motivates people
    3. Seeks recognition
    4. Supports and manages change
    5. Actively communicates with others
    6. Acts independently
    7. Outgoing and enthusiastic
  3. Yellow: Admin/Fiscal
    1. Focuses on organisational process/systems
    2. Values accuracy and detail
    3. Analyses data thoroughly
    4. Cooperative when working with others
    5. Ises plan when acting on objectives
    6. Appreciates stability in environment
    7. Cautious and consistent
  4. Red: Operations/Technology (weakest influence)
    1. Focuses on operations and production
    2. Values tactical, short-term goals
    3. Takes action on objectives
    4. Communicates candidly
    5. Produces tangible products
    6. Makes decisions quickly
    7. Practical and ‘hands on’

Top 10 (suggested) Job Families

Report gained through, now, part of the Care for the Family group on 4th September 2007.

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