This just rings SO true…

Undergraduate examinations drive Tim Birkhead to the therapist’s couch

I hate to say it, but I really dislike marking examination scripts. I’m not sure if this is unusual, but I feel I need some help…

Therapist: Lie down on the couch and tell me why you feel this way.

Me: I’ve just been asked to mark 500 essays in 24 hours. In principle I could do it, but it gives me only three minutes per script. Three minutes is barely enough time to decipher the unpractised scrawl that most undergraduates think of as writing, let alone write the paragraph justifying the mark I have awarded.

Each year the time frame gets shorter and shorter. There are more exams, more students and less time. Most of my colleagues are on teaching buyouts, so there are fewer and fewer of us to mark papers.

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