David has worked in the overlapping space between education, technology and media for over 16 years. He co-manages Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL), an elearning research and development group at theUniversity of Oxford.

At TALL he is responsible for the production and delivery of a wide range of online distance courses. The courses include philosophy, art, literature, economics, history and even nanotechnology. Over 1000 students based around the globe enrol on these each term.

David released some of the first data on ‘web 2.0’platforms which contained the type of diagrams that have ‘social’, ‘studying’ and ‘professional’ nestling alongside each other to highlight out how these boundaries are blurring. He has also researched the wild frontiers of Virtual Worlds and Massively Multiplayer Online games in the context of teaching and learning.

He is keen to see beyond the technology to the larger underlying trends that are emerging as society moves online, exploring the motivations and aspirations of students as they engage with the web and with each other. His musing on these subjects can be found on the TALL blog.

Recently David has been closely involved in the work of the HEFCE Online Learning Task Force, which has been set-up with the aims of maintaining and developing the position of UK higher education as a world leader in online learning.

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