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TxtTools, #pelc10

  • TxtTools – for more than admin – using for learning & teaching
  • Send/receive texts directly from computer…
  • Audience Participation
  • Voting & Auto Responses
  • RSS to SMS
  • Personalised learning using Podcasts via sms
  • Text comments/code, students remain anonymous and can ask for more information…  chair/speaker can use which questions they wish…
  • Add value for students:
  • Simple participation by text message
  • Comments or questions in real time
  • Feel empowered to have their say
  • Remain anonymous
  • Inexpensive – standard network rates
  • Inclusion – works with any mobile phone
  • Interaction with real time voting
  • [Few unis have issue with cost… and yes, Twitter can do all this too… although students need a smartphone]
  • Voting – how does that work?
  • Ask a question with multiple choices
  • Delegates text answer
  • Converts inbound msgs to a piechart
  • Text in – affiliate labels to them, so piechart can give quick snapshot – takes a little while for responses to come in… maybe 30-60 seconds…
  • Configure poll through VLE (demo = blackboard, does it work with Moodle?) Give a bit of info and a polls option…
  • Inbox rules, filter on keyword, forwards to inbox, mobile, group, email… add to address book and groups, set up auto responses, inc web links to download podcasts or view web pages.
  • Can publish RSS feed to SMS
  • URL, how often to check, start/stop time…  can set up multiple feeds… Deliver MP3 & MP4 podcasts to students phones. Yorkshire College – lots of practical courses.. [Get hold of info…]
  • Diagram – photo -sending indiv texts to students reminding them of deadlines, etc…  word clouds, aggregating responses… using the texts for this…  see regular student responses…
  • Download presentations from… (event at Bath 19th May) – existing customers about how they’re using the tools (generically!)
  • Moodle for 3.5 years, done by courses. What protocol is in place? Speaker just taken over Hampshire…

By Digital Fingerprint

Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @ Manchester Metropolitan University. Interested in digital literacy and digital culture  in the third sector (especially faith). Author of 'Raising Children in a Digital Age', regularly checks hashtag #DigitalParenting.

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