Zoë Corbyn reports from Washington DC on journal publishers’ plans to get a piece of the mobile action

Imagine being on the bus with a smartphone browsing your favourite journal, or at home, downloading papers to an e-reader for a spot of bedtime reading.

Journal publishers in science, technology and medicine are hoping that this could soon be normal behaviour as they strive to improve their offerings to readers with mobile devices.

Their eagerness to embrace this brave new world was on display last week at an annual conference in Washington DC, when delegates gathered to share information on emerging trends in scholarly publishing, evolving technologies and business models.

The conference, organised by the publishing services company Allen Press, was titled Scholarly Publishing: Boldly Going Where No Journal Has Gone Before.

“The internet, as we all know, has brought about profound changes in every stage of the scholarly communication process, greatly accelerating the pace of change,” the conference blurb says. “For (science, technology and medicine) journal publishers, this means new opportunities, new markets and new business models. It also means that familiar paradigms are disappearing. Those who cannot adapt to the new ones may not survive.”

Read full story in the Times Higher Education.

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