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"I Voted" on Facebook

I was interested to see this appear on Facebook this morning (only on the full web-accessible page, it wasn’t possible to access it from the iPhone app OR from the mobile site).  The most obvious Facebook demographic are the “younger” voters, but any means by which we can remind people/each other of their right/responsibility to vote is useful. The counter is moving up quite fast, and it would be interesting to know how much difference such announcements on Facebook, and what other impact social media has had.


We can keep up with what our prospective local LibDem MP has been up to today, as he engages with Foursquare:

and both Martin Tod and Steve Brine are on Twitter, interesting to see how much they are engaging (Winchester is essentially between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems!)


Having said I wasn’t going to stay up, I will now be coming into the University at midnight to talk about some of the uses and impacts of social media for WINOL, so looking forward to seeing some comments on this post as to how you have noticed any differences in engagement, voter swings, etc. in this first ‘social media’ election!


Watch live streaming video from winol2009 at

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I know of people that voted simply because of the facebook count; I think they were inspired by the numbers and felt that it was not socially unacceptable to have an opinion. I have to say I found it very exciting to see the numbers rise! I think there are some that do not want to care unless others care. The danger with social media is of course that while some may be inspired, others may be deliberately apathetic, just to go against the grain. It of course, also a way for minority groups to be heard and has highlighted the flaws in our electoral system in a way that is quite striking.

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