MY ROUGH NOTES TO ACCOMPANY THIS PRESENTATION, FIRST I’VE TRIED IN PREZI (Just thinking, if this is Flash based, won’t play on anyone’s iPhone…)! I should be giving this talk shortly to the ‘PR/Comms’ strand at #cmn10 (Church & Media Network Conference), before zooming off to join the New Media strand! It should be about 20 mins + Q&A, but I haven’t had time to test, and to be honest, I want to do it a bit off the hoof… I know the subject well enough, I just needed SOME  structure… I may also draw some of this information in!

What PURPOSE do you want to achieve with social media?

These decisions are key before you can REALLY define your social media strategy… which will include allocating RESOURCE…

What is the purpose of a social media strategy?

What do you already have that you can build upon?

Initial specialism – history/propaganda

So many tools as possibilities (Prezi)

Hopefully you can start to be thinking of some uses for the tools for yourselves…  If you’re going to use it well, best to focus on ONE TOOL at a time, get one going, before moving onto the next (although I quite often ‘take’ my name @drbexl on any new site I come across and leave it).

The tools WILL keep changing, so keep your overall strategy in mind, and REMAIN HUMAN. Think – what are you OFFERING? Remember we are NOT talking ‘real/virtual’ worlds here, we are talking offline/online worlds…  [Note, not talked about Second Life… total immersion is expected to come, but not yet… ]

What is your brand?

Your website…


How do you measure what you’re getting out of it?

How do you bring it all together?

What do you do with your strategy?

2 words to remember: RELATIONSHIP and CONSISTENCY – should underlie everything you do with social media.

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