When I bought this book, it was the cover which caught my eye! A multiplicity of colourful Guinness advertising (particularly posters) was tiled across the front. However, the new cover is also instantly recognisable as Guinness advertising – reminiscent of the ‘black and white’ campaign which has again been replaced! One cannot stand still in the world of advertising as interest in the product needs to be maintained!

Guinness advertisements have been running since 1929, necessary in a world in which pubs were/are tied to breweries, the independent drink needed to create such a demand for the drink that pubs would be FORCED to stock it! The entire history of Guinness advertising is dealt with intelligently in this book, which is finished off with a bibliography for further research.

A wonderful, informative, nostalgic book – and I don’t even LIKE Guinness!!!

You can see more at the Guinness website.

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  1. I have the Guinness WW II poster from Britain showing wheel put shoulder to, socks to pull up,stone not leave unturned, ,belt to tighten tacks to get down to, Guinness for strength. What is it worth?

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