Assessment for Learning

Mark Russell, Dominic Byrne

Issues in the sector with assessment…

Assessment is one of the drivers of learning, all learning leads to assessment..

End-loaded assessment, lack of student engagement in the course itself & rising student numbers. Summative assessment model has pushed out the formative assessment largely… chances of low-stake assessment/feedback & feed-forward opportunities are lowered – and students don’t get a great experience from this.

Uni of Herts perspective – support transformational change across the institution not just the ESCAPE project – what are the barriers stopping change. Provide guidance & resources to practitioners so they could use them without having to be as engaged as the central teams are. Transcend disciplinary boundaries.. very strong usually – Blended Learning conferences are unusual…

Trying to support the whole institution, not just the enthusiasts. Help staff make transformational changes esp round assessment. Hints & Tips, some quick how-tos… needed to built on those things that work (so look at the literature)

Good assessment:


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