University of Plymouth

Knew there was much useful knowledge across the instution but wasn’t really being shared – always being wariness about this, but now starting to realise are sharing & building upon expertise…

Decided to see if it could be done through an online system. Difficult to do if no not one central hub – needs an overview. Set up a system called “KEN” (Knowledge Exchange Network) – was initial debate about whether people could belong to communities that they don’t necessarily have a natural interest/passion for.

Each community had a community leader, to get people involved in the debates really had to start with controversial questions – needed strong community leadership to make it won’t – they WON’T just evolve!

What is a community of practiceb

Why CoPs?

Changing the way that knowledge is managed – rather than being top down, communities take a peer-drive approach by connecting people, knowledge, conversations! The concept of community binds them together – they felt if senior managers pushed it/involved – would have felt HAD to participate, rather than out of interest.

Within KEN:

Needed somewhere for project management tools


Have Learnt


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