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Norm Vaughan

Not about add-on technology, but fundamental rethinking of approaches to learning – we’re really just adding tools on top of courses that are deficient and ending up with 1.5 courses, rather than a good course…

Late 1990s was where the idea of campus-based online learning came from.

Marti Cleveland-Innes
Stuggled a bit with the denseness of this presentation – wasn’t just about the text size, found the debate a bit hard to follow..

7 Principles of Blended Learning

  • Design for open communication & trust
  • Design for critical reflection & discourse
  • Create & sustain a sense of community
  • Support purposeful inquiry
  • Ensure studetns sustain collaboration
  • Ensure that inquiry moves to resolution
  • Ensure assessment is congruent with intended learning outcomes

Case Study: Mount Royal University, Alberta (Norm Vaughan)

Really focused on the first year courses – sets the tone for the rest of their time throughout the course. Undertook online surveys (annual surveys staff & students – their use), student focus group lunches, use of Blackboard, etc…

Those students who had the highest interactive/engagement in collaborative work – had higher marks (may have has a higher start mark, but still..)

Best Teaching Presence

  • Provide frequent opportunities for both public and private interactions with students.
  • Provide students with timely and supportive feedback.
  • Restraing from being overly ‘present’ in online discussions, rather facilitate student interaction
  • Apply collaborative learning principles to support small group discussion and collaborative projects.
  • Design diverse, graded activities to be completed every week.


  • Students have experienced a role adjustment as they move from offline to online – the instructor is explicitly away that they understand that they need to think differently and to expect some confusion, etc.
  • Students start to think about the extra responsibility they take on. Really have to provide a lot of scaffolding & a sense of trust.
  • Don’t dismiss any ‘weak blends’ if they are spaces in which they are providing an appropriate service – and can be developed…

Talking about ‘The Nudge Factor’

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